School Screenings

Each year the Festival works with local schools to deliver a school screening programme. In 2018, BFMAF delivered a school screening programme for 13 first, middle and high schools. The high school students watched Jîn by Turkish filmmaker Reha Erdem and with an introduction and conversation with film curator Dr. Graiwoot Chulphongsathorn from University of Westminster.

The middle school students watched The Breadwinner with an introduction from animator Robin Webb, and the First School students watched Shorts for Middle Ones, a programme of short animation films also introduced by Robin Webb.

The school screening programme is kindly supported by the Wellesley Trust Fund at the Community Foundation

Animation Workshops for Schools and Arts Award

Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival have supported 3 schools to complete animation workshops with 2 of the classes completing their Arts Award Discover, a national award that recognises excellence in the arts and creativity. Students from Tweedmouth Middle, Tweedmouth West First School, and Wooler First School were able to participate in the workshop, with Tweedmouth West and Wooler completing their Arts Award Discover.

Coordinated by Val Tobiass, Education Coordinator for BFMAF, classes that had attended the animation films at the Festival then took part in animation workshops where the students were able to make their own animation films, using Plasticine models to make short stop-motion films of stories they had made up.

Teachers observed how much the students had enjoyed both attending the film as part of the Festival, as well as taking part in the workshop.

“The children thoroughly enjoyed their morning at Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival watching the short animations. They were so excited to work with the animator and the films they saw gave them lots of inspiration. The animator day was fantastic, the children had so much fun making characters and creating settings”. (Debbie Matthews, Year 3 Teacher, Wooler First School)

“For the students to be able to work with an animator and discover a new and exciting technology meant they were keen to learn more. They found completing the Arts Award rewarding: it was clear and they enjoyed presenting their work as they were proud of their creations!” (Vicki Poole, Tweedmouth West First School)

To view the animations please click on the following links:

Tweedmouth Middle School

Tweedmouth West First School

Wooler First School

This workshop and Arts Award activity is kindly supported by the Wellesley Trust Fund at the Community Foundation

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