A dusk to dawn screening with Lav Diaz, Future Tao workshops, club nights and performances that provide occasions for discovery, exchange and fresh experiences of sound and the moving image.

Event 19th Sep · 10:30 (90 mins)

Future Tao Workout #1: Ecology

Responding to George Clark's exhibition Double Ghosts, Taipei based arts-collective lololol (Sheryl Chung & Xia Lin) presents a variety of exercises for BFMAF to improve the circulation between the real and the virtual, drawing on animist practice, Taoist philosophy and ecological approach life of all kinds. This walking tour of Berwick will explore plant life and ecology as material for new performances.

Event 19th Sep · 17:30 (60 mins)

Exhibition Opening: Double Ghosts & O' Pierrot

Join us to celebrate the opening of George Clark's Double Ghosts exhibition in The Gymnasium Gallery, part of the programme for Animistic Apparatus, and Tanoa Sasraku's O' Pierrot, the product of a four-month residency as part of The New Flesh, based at Academy Costumes in South-East London and sponsored by LUX. Refreshments and merriment aplenty.

Event 20th Sep · 10:00 (30 mins)

Future Tao Workout #2: Movement

Multimedia artist Xia Lin guides a session of 3C Xing Yi Quan, a new form of martial arts she developed which imitates the form and essence of products from our daily life. Designed for film-makers and film-viewers, the martial art exercises will help festival attendees find a sense of symbiosis and enjoyment with their new technological nature.

Feature film 20th Sep · 21:30 (485 mins)

A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery

Lav Diaz

Animistic Apparatus presents an overnight screening of Lav Diaz’s epic film—projected outdoors continuously and ending around sunrise—as a nocturnal offering to the spirits of place and the ecology of visible and invisible beings of Berwick-upon-Tweed.

Event 20th Sep · 22:00 (30 mins)

Bangkok Sounds

In 2012 George Clark shot 900ft of 35mm film of streets, hospitals, sleeping dogs and aerobic classes in Bangkok. Three years later Tanatchai Bandasak, guided by Google Maps, made a series of field recordings at the same locations. Traversing a period of political change, these fragments—assembled for this collective listening event—mark ellipsis and erasure in the city.

Event 20th Sep · 22:00 (240 mins)

Festival Club: RABZ + Good Press DJs

Matt & Jess from Glasgow’s venerable bookshop Good Press play a healthy smorgasbord of sugary musical confections for your ears. Rabz—programmer of Sunday screening WindrushLegacies and Experimental Forms—provides a mix of bass-heavy afro-diasporic electronic music with decidedly queer inflections, including Afro-House, Gqom, Ballroom, Jersey Club, Grime and UK Funky.

Event 21st Sep · 10:00 (30 mins)

Future Tao Workout #3: Sound

Sound artist Sheryl Cheung’s Internal Motivations is a collective listening and improvisation session for energy circulation between people and their environments. Participants explore different relationships between sound and energy. Working with people from the festival, the workshop aims to open Taoist-informed ideas to more universal imaginations and applications.

Event 21st Sep · 22:00 (60 mins)

lololol (Sheryl Chung and Xia Lin) & George Clark Performance

This new collaborative performance will assemble materials from the local environment with the artists personal archives from a destroyed 35mm film of mythic Naga serpent to studies of plant life. Activating the artists shared interests in ecology, models of assembly and ways to reframe ritual practices from ceremonial film projection, Tai Chi and group viewing and listening.

Event 21st Sep · 22:00 (240 mins)

Festival Club: Miss World + DJ HTSHELL

Perennial BFMAF favourite DJ HTSHELL returns to spin global funky sounds: blistering hotwave, sloppy disco workouts, anarcho-house anthems and Soviet floor-fillers.
Edinburgh’s all-female DJ collective Miss World deliver characteristically eclectic sets of soul, funk, disco, house and the kitchen sink, creating a musical beauty pageant of epic proportions.