Part screening, part talk or performance, Propositions dives deep into new cinema and shares discoveries encountered through research and practice.

Short Films 20th Sep · 16:45 (56 mins)

Julia Feyrer: Broken Clocks

Steffanie Ling (Artistic Director of Images Festival) presents a selectrospective of Vancouver-based artist Julia Feyrer’s 16mm films. Originally shown as installations, Feyrer's films show the defaced visage of several time-keepers—stripped of most composite numbers—and clock faces that read an accusatory 'WHO CARES?' as if to scold the hegemony of a schedule. As Feyrer seizes time-based media to show its mechanism manipulated, coming to a slapstick stand-still, they offer a notion of time with a funny facelift.

Q&A with filmmaker Julia Feyrer

Event 21st Sep · 11:30 (90 mins)

Group Action with KK

Holly Argent

Interleaving the archive (Group Action with KK) is a performative lecture by Holly Argent bringing together a spoken narrative, photographic transparencies on an overhead projector, live video-feed projection and a screening of films by Polish artistic duo KwieKulik, active in Warsaw between 1971–1987. The cinema is used as a pedagogical space to share a new narrative around the works of KwieKulik, incorporating research trips to Warsaw, historical moments of resistance, and reflections on the term ‘art worker’ in contemporary economies.

Short Films 22nd Sep · 16:00 (90 mins)

Windrush Legacies and Experimental Forms

This screening and conversation, programmed by Rabz Lansiquot, pairs dancer Zinzi Minott's durational film works Fi Dem (2018) and Fi Dem II (2019) with a seminal work from the workshop era of the 1980s to consider lineages of Black British experimental film. Minott produces new additions to Fi Dem every Windrush Day as a commitment to the Windrush generation, and a continued investigation of Blackness, diaspora and the heritage of her family.