Filmmaker in Profile: Kira Muratova

Kira Muratova, a critically acclaimed titan of Russian-language cinema, made poetic, eccentric, astonishing films. Muratova’s brilliantly trenchant imagination spans across twenty-two works, produced between 1961–2012. BFMAF pays tribute to her vision and oeuvre with a posthumous retrospective.

Feature film 19th Sep · 12:00 (96 mins)

Brief Encounters

Kira Muratova

Kira Muratova’s first solo feature is a beautifully unfolding love triangle: a geologist who is always away (played by cult folk singer Vladimir Vysotsky), his wife who can't stand her work, and a woman who arrives at her doorstep, his mistress (Nina Ruslanova).

Feature film 20th Sep · 12:15 (97 mins)

The Long Farewell

Kira Muratova

A divorced mother reunites with her teenage son, only to learn that he wants to leave her for his father. A delicate, heart-breaking portrait of loneliness and unrequited longing, The Long Farewell was Muratova’s most lyrical film, yet was banned for almost twenty years. As portraits of women unravelled, it forms a diptych with Brief Encounters.

Feature film 20th Sep · 19:30 (95 mins)

Letter to America

Kira Muratova

Letter to America (1999) shows two friends in Odessa composing a video message to their emigrant pals in the United States.

Feature film 20th Sep · 19:30 (95 mins)

Getting to Know the Big Wide World

Kira Muratova

Getting to Know the Big Wide World (1978), the chef d’oeuvre of the young Muratova, transforms a conventional love triangle (two men, one woman, all construction workers building a tractor factory) into a vividly elusive poem on the mystery of love.

Feature film 21st Sep · 11:00 (153 mins)

The Asthenic Syndrome

Kira Muratova

Muratova’s most celebrated film, the epic The Asthenic Syndrome, winner of the Silver Bear at the 1990 Berlinale, has been called 'a magnificent fresco' and an 'apocalypse.' Creating vivid images of desperate characters determined to survive, she captures and divines the state of the USSR on the eve of its collapse. A searing portrait of individual malaise and collective apathy, full of polyphonic elements, the film stuns the viewer with shock therapy, destroying every illusion.

Feature film 22nd Sep · 12:00 (112 mins)


Kira Muratova

Passions is a turning point in Muratova's filmography, marking the final transition from more or less 'narrative' films to ones where the plot is less important than the form, which is always free and innovative. This film is her manifesto on the 'unbearable emptiness of being'. While Muratova could be compared to Federico Fellini, this the only film in which she both fully reveals and at the same time undermines the 'Felliniesque' nature of her cinema.

Feature film 22nd Sep · 16:30 (114 mins)

Eternal Homecoming

Kira Muratova

A woman is paid a surprise visit by her long-forgotten classmate, who needs her advice. An outrageously burlesque mise-en-scène is repeated many times over, each in a different setting and performed by new actors. Muratova asked the big stars of Russian cinema and stage as well as the amateur actors from her previous films to collaborate on this film, exploring the possibilities of aesthetic transformations between the world of the past and our world today.