Artists present recent and newly commissioned moving image works, animating Berwick’s town walls, reinhabiting historic buildings and rewilding the town centre.

Exhibition Town Centre (240 mins)


Gérard Courant

Cinématon is a major film work composed by Gérard Courant since 1978. The film consists of silent, three-and-a-half minute portraits of artistic and cultural personalities, numbering over 3,000 to date. The person being filmed can do whatever she/he wants. Taken together, they constitute an archive of international art, film, theater and entertainment scenes of the past four decades. Jean-Luc Godard, Julie Delpy, Terry Gilliam, Babette Mangolte and Sergei Parajanov star alongside a cast of thousands.

Exhibition Berwick Museum & Art Gallery (12 mins)

Beyond the Field

Matt Stokes

In Beyond the Field, Matt Stokes uses folk instruments to create the sounds produced by fauna present in the landscape of Berwick-upon-Tweed in the mid-1700s. This was during the Agricultural Revolution when the flower-rich meadowlands described by writers surveying the Tweed Valley were being drained and replaced with crops. The shift in farming practices altered local biodiversity, affecting the plants, insects, birds and mammals present in the area.

Exhibition The Straw Yard (25 mins)

O' Pierrot

Tanoa Sasraku

With a focus on the social impact of costume— referencing 1920s Black American theatre and stories woven into the visual structure of traditional British textiles—O’ Pierrot emerges as the product of Tanoa Sasraku’s four-month residency as part of The New Flesh, based at Academy Costumes in South-East London. Through the design and fabrication of her own costumes, theatrical set and props, Sasraku engages in a retelling of Kenneth Anger’s avant-garde, queer fairytale Rabbit’s Moon.

Exhibition Town Hall Council Chamber (40 mins)

Now, at last!

Ben Rivers

Ben Rivers’ magnificent film of a sloth doesn’t encourage lazy viewing. Rather, it’s an active, engaging and engrossing experience.

Exhibition New Tower (10 mins)

Animistic Apparatus: Camera Trap

Chris Chong Chan Fui

Camera Trap is a comparative video using moving images made a hundred years apart. The first half looks at Muybridge as both animal and landscape photographer, compared with the second half which works with current animal camera/video traps from the rainforests of Sabah (Malaysian Borneo). A comparison of domesticated and wild animals. Caged zoo animal sounds to animals in the rainforests. Camera equipment uses then and now.

Exhibition Bankhill Ice House (7 mins)

Animistic Apparatus: Fireworks (Archives)

Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Fireworks (Archives) is an offering to the potent spirits of Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s home region, shot in the sculpture park of a little-known nonconformist temple in the northeast of Thailand. Two figures silently cross the frame in a nocturnal site filled with stone animals. Flashes of light and dense darkness mix with archival photographs of executed revolutionaries. This place, Weerasethakul says, is a manifestation of revolt.

Exhibition Coxon’s Tower (18 mins)

Animistic Apparatus: Central Region

Tanatchai Bandasak

Commissioned by Animistic Apparatus to make a video responding to Southeast Asian animistic practices of communicating with spirits, Tanatchai Bandasak draws inspiration from the presence of prehistoric standing stones in the highlands of Laos.

Exhibition The Gymnasium (46 mins)

Double Ghosts

George Clark

Double Ghosts is a multi-part exhibition which traverses the Pacific drawing on historical fragments, traces and ghosts from the coasts of Chile to a mountain cemetery in Taiwan. Exploring the status and potential of unrealised and fragmented histories, the exhibition draws together 35mm film, sound recordings, script fragments, photography and archival material filmed and gathered in Chile, France and Taiwan.

Exhibition The Gymnasium (46 mins)

Inner Sage / Outer King

George Clark

Inner Sage / Outer King gathers interviews, readings and research material exploring Raul Ruiz’s unfinished film. Made with collaborators in Paris and Taiwan including painter Kar Siu Lee, poet Waldo Rojas, musician Jorge Arriagada and indigenous Taiwanese filmmaker Laha Mebow, the film includes readings of original script and diary by Ruiz, and photographs and video documentation of the original shoot in Taiwan in 1995.

Exhibition The Magazine (30 mins)

Preemptive Listening

Aura Satz

Aura Satz's Preemptive Listening project focuses on sonic obedience and disobedience through the trope of the siren. The Fork in the Road comprises trumpet improvisor Mazen Kerbaj's composition of a new siren sound using circular breathing, and actor/activist Khalid Abdalla speaking on the siren as the emblematic sound of resistance, oppression and lost futures during the Arab Spring.

Exhibition The Main Guard (11 mins)

Douma Underground

Tim Alsiofi

‘With the barrel bombs falling on Ghouta, the Eastern suburbs of Damascus, civilians sought shelter in the basements of their homes. I was one of them, holding on to my camera. I tried to film what I couldn’t express in words.’

Exhibition Town Hall Old Gaol (0 mins)

Animistic Apparatus: The Migrant Ecologies Project, Two Installations

Railtrack Songmaps is a multimedia assemblage of relations between people and birds along the rail-tracks at Tanglin Halt, a historic quar­ter of urban Singapore undergoing social and environmental change. This iteration releases the stories, bird calls and Malay pantun poetry into Berwick’s old jail cells.

Exhibition Town Hall Old Gaol (33 mins)

Bugs and Beasts Before the Law

Bambitchell (Sharlene Bamboat and Alexis Mitchell)

Bugs and Beasts Before the Law explores the history and legacy of 'animal trials' in medieval Europe, in which animals were put on trial for various crimes and offences, ranging from trespassing and thievery, to assault and murder.

Exhibition Visitor Centre (10 mins)

[INSERT TITLE HERE]: A Surrealist Gaming Experience

Working with moving image collective Film Bee and experimenting with a sequence of Bernadette Mayer’s surrealist writing exercises, Berwick Youth Project have created an uncanny computer game character, an existentialist chicken piece from a 20 nugget share box. This lo-fi film reflects the group’s close reading of screencasts of popular video game intros uploaded to Youtube. The work will be available to view during the Festival at the Visitor Centre and on the BFMAF youtube channel from Thursday 19 September.

Exhibition Kaleidoscope (59 Marygate) (0 mins)


Kaleidoscope is a beanbag cinema present- ing a rolling programme of animated films from Cinekid Festival Amsterdam. Hands-on making activities will be led by artists Katie Chappell and Chloe Smith. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.