A new strand for BFMAF 2018, Propositions featured events that are part-screening, part-lecture or performance, providing a discursive setting for artists and filmmakers to expand on their work.

There were also exhibition tours, walks and the BFMAF Festival Club to enjoy too!

Event 20th Sep · 17:30 (60 mins)

Lucy Clout: Exhibition Opening

Join Berwick Visual Arts Artist in Residence Lucy Clout to celebrate the opening of her BFMAF 2018 exhibition, Solvent Magazine. Refreshments and merriment aplenty.

Event 21st Sep · 15:30 (60 mins)

MiniCini: Zoetrope Making

Join Katie and Chloë at the Kaleidoscope shop (59 Marygate) for a dedicated Zoetrope-making session. Learn how to make an animation film with no film or or gadgets! Suitable for ages 7 to 13. Places are free but should be booked via The Maltings. Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Event 21st Sep · 17:15 (90 mins)

Sky Hopinka

Filmmaker Sky Hopinka presents a screening of his short films in conversation with Nicole Yip, Director of LUX Scotland. Based in Milwaukee, Sky Hopinka (Ho-Chunk/Pechanga) focuses on the interconnections between his indigenous homeland, language, landscapes, and identity. Anchored by both surreal perspectives and grounded realities, Hopinka’s sublime films create maps of dreams and memories, pushing against cultural and personal boundaries, creating meaning where none had existed before.

Hopinka will read from his debut publication Around the Edge of Encircling Lake (2018) and the screening will include:

Kunįkága Remembers Red Banks, Kunįkága Remembers the Welcome Song, 2014, US, 9 mins

Jáaji Approx, 2015, US, 15 mins

I'll Remember You as You Were, Not as What You'll Become, 2016, US, 12 mins

Dislocation Blues, 2017, US, 17 mins

Fainting Spells, 2018, US, 12 mins

Special thanks to Ruth Hodgins, Walker Art Center

Event 21st Sep · 22:00 (120 mins)

Festival Club: Soul on the Tweed

Northern soul, R&B and club classics with DJs Carl Hudson and Michael Elliot. Free admission, all welcome.

Event 22nd Sep · 12:15 (105 mins)

Jessica Sarah Rinland

Jessica Sarah Rinland

Artist-filmmaker Jessica Sarah Rinland presents the world premiere of her film Black Pond, a film that explores the activity within a common land in the south of England. Previously occupied by the 17th century agrarian socialists The Diggers, the land is currently inhabited by a Natural History Society whose occupations include bat and moth trapping, mycology, tree measuring and botanical walks.

After two years of filming on the land, the footage was shown to the members of the Society. Their memories and responses were recorded and subsequently used as part of the film’s narration. The film does not offer a comprehensive record of the history of humans within the area. Instead, it explores more intimately, human’s relationship with and within land and nature.

Following the film, Rinland will dissect and expose materials related to the film, detailing content from a forthcoming publication related to the film. She will stage moments from the Society’s yearly town hall meetings, discuss historical maps and laws, letters of complaint and footage she shot in the same location years before her encounter with them.

Event 22nd Sep · 14:00 (60 mins)

The Hurt Goes On Discovery Party

Join the young people and their friends in the exhibition for a Discovery Party and refreshments. All welcome.

Event 22nd Sep · 14:30 (60 mins)

River Walk with Jessica Sarah Rinland

Join artist Jessica Sarah Rinland and Kate Dixon, Berwick Parks Manager, for a river walk. Collect a free ticket from the Maltings Box Office, the starting point for an approximately 1 hour wildlife exploration along the River Tweed.

Event 22nd Sep · 15:00 (60 mins)


Giles Bailey

Join us for the first draft of Islanders, a new collaborative work combining live performance with moving image sequences. The work builds on strategies of co-authorship and ways to work together developed over the course of the 2-year project ‘Giles Bailey & CIRCA Projects’, which previously led to the live events ‘World is Sudden: Part I’ and ‘Take the Credits’ at Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival’s 2016 and 2017 editions.

Through collaged fragments, the work explores the construction of island identity at a point when the UK’s relationship to other landmasses and the sea around it is in flux. By collectively expanding and re-staging historical diverse representations of islands that exist in the popular imagination, Islanders offers a collage of material to propose critical relationships to states of isolation, political fantasy and the promise of rescue.

Commissioned by CIRCA Projects in partnership with Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival, Middlesbrough Art Weekender, Tyneside Cinema and Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art

Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England

Event 22nd Sep · 16:15 (45 mins)

Sophia Al-Maria: Temporal Vertigo

‘Temporal Vertigo’ is a wide-ranging selection of moving image work made by artist, writer and filmmaker Sophia Al-Maria over the last seven years. As schizophrenic in form as it is in chronology, the ten works shown move from essay film to music video, documentary, narrative, performance and all points in between. Included are the two part ‘Gulf Futurism’ essay film The Future Was Desert, which images the desert as a place outside of time; enigmatic science-fiction/documentary hybrid Mothership; and two music videos for Fatima Al Qadiri. This program represents the first retrospective screening of Al-Maria’s formally rigorous and beautifully cinematic work, providing a view of visual and thematic cross-contaminations between many different projects.

Q&A with filmmaker Sophia Al-Maria

Event 22nd Sep · 18:30 (208 mins)

Tales of the Dumpster Kid

Edgar Reitz & Ula Stöckl

BFMAF presents the first UK screening in 40 years of this innovative New German Cinema highlight. The Dumpster Kid (Kristine de Loup), born from a trash can, finds her way through the world, discovering hilarity, ecstasy, cruelty, capitalism and patriarchy along the way. Always wearing a red dress, red tights and Louise Brooks-style black bob, The Dumpster Kid steals, has sex, joins a sideshow and meets Al Capone and d’Artagnan. She is always in danger, yet immortal.

This radical film was never meant to be shown in a cinema; instead, Reitz and Stöckl showed it in pubs. The audience members were encouraged to imbibe heartily and create their own sequence of the film’s 22 episodes. This special ‘pub cinema’ screening will be recreated for this event, an exceedingly rare cinematic treat that you won’t soon forget.

Supported by Goethe-Institut, London

Event 22nd Sep · 19:45 (60 mins)


Luke Fowler

Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival presents the premiere of Enceindre, a new commission and first collaboration between artist filmmaker Luke Fowler and acclaimed sound recordist Chris Watson. Enceindre is a study in film and sound of two 16th century fortified cities: Berwick in the North-East of England and Pamplona in the Navarre region of the North of Spain.

If fortifications are considered ‘the body of the place’, what does it means to live in a body that is outside of time and without purpose? Could these fortress towns be considered hetrotopias? Or are they, as the writer WG Sebald vividly describes, alien structures denuded from human history? Enceindre adopts an infra-sensitive approach to place, drawing on unheard acoustic perspectives and lucid camerawork to propose a new framework in which to consider these anachronistic landscapes.

The film’s world premiere at BFMAF 2018 will be immediately followed by a ‘dark cinema’ version of the film with an alternative soundtrack diffused live by Chris Watson.

Commission supported by LUMA Foundation, Outset Scotland and Berwick-upon-Tweed Town Council

Event 22nd Sep · 22:00

Festival Club: Vital Idles & Yeah You!

The dirty beats and lo-fi stream of consciousness father and daughter duo Yeah You! (Elvin Brandhi & Mykl Jaxn) meet the left handed melodic messthetics of Glasgow’s finest: Vital Idles. Plus karaoke. All welcome!

Event 23rd Sep · 11:30 (120 mins)

Exhibition Walking Tour

Collect a free ticket from the Maltings Box Office, the starting point for an informal exhibitions walking tour (1.5 - 2 hours approx) with the Festival team.

Event 23rd Sep · 16:00 (90 mins)

Morgan Quaintance

Morgan Quaintance

Artist, writer and curator Morgan Quaintance presents his new film Another Decade, alongside a programme of material that extends and details themes within it.

Another Decade combines archive and found footage from the 1990s with recently shot 16mm film and standard definition video. Starting from testimonies and statements made by artists and art historians during the 1994 INIVA conference ‘Towards a New Internationalism’, Another Decade ranges across diverse cultural territory, and is propelled by a sense that very little socio- cultural or institutional change has taken place in the United Kingdom since that time.

The dynamic tension explored in the work is between, on the one hand, art world actors speaking a truth to institutional power and, on the other, lived realities of London’s multiracial citizenry. Those who necessarily inhabit a centre of otherness.

These are positions that are drawn out in the selection of films that make up the accompanying programme. A suite of new works made by Quaintance—including a rumination on British Empire and the English countryside set to the words of Jimmie Durham, as well as a work examining the artist’s experiences growing up in South London—will be accompanied by several clips from a video pen pal exchange project facilitated by artist Russell Newell in 1994–95. Exchanged between kids in London and Los Angeles, the videos show participants talking about their neighbourhoods, giving tours of their schools, and discussings aspects of their culture like music, fashion and gangs.

While recent attention paid to the ’90s casts a largely apolitical view over the decade, this range of films seek to exhume evidence buried in the shallow grave of cultural amnesia of another, more political, more iconoclastic and more confrontational decade.