Discuss the Festival programme with BFMAF 2017 artists, programmers and curators including Ilona Jurkonytė, curator of the themed programme Ultramarine, artists in profile Peggy Ahwesh and Hardeep Pandhal and artist in residence Charlotte Prodger.

Seminar 21st Sep · 16:00 (90 mins)

Seminar: Ilona Jurkonytė

Seminar 22nd Sep · 11:00 (90 mins)

Seminar: Hardeep Pandhal

Hardeep Pandhal

Seminar 23rd Sep · 11:00 (90 mins)

Seminar: Peggy Ahwesh

Peggy Ahwesh

Seminar 24th Sep · 12:00 (90 mins)

Seminar: Charlotte Prodger and Laura Guy