Uzbek Rhapsody: The Films of Ali Khamraev

The first UK retrospective of acclaimed Uzbek director Ali Khamraev.

Feature film 22nd Sep · 20:00 (87 mins)

Man Follows Birds

Ali Khamraev

A medieval pageant of boyhood presented with a visual majesty to rival Khamraev's contemporaries Andrei Tarkovsky and Sergei Parajanov. Man Follows Birds is a mystic vision, an 'eastern western' that exhibits Khamraev's instinctive feel for landscape and the natural world.

Presented with the Berwick Film Society.

Feature film 23rd Sep · 12:00 (92 mins)

I Remember You

Ali Khamraev

Like Fellini's Amarcord, whose title it recalls, I Remember You is an autobiographical meditation on the past.

Feature film 24th Sep · 12:00 (90 mins)

The Bodyguard

Ali Khamraev

The Bodyguard follows its characters through arid, rocky steppes and snow-capped mountains.