There will be a number of live music and performance events taking place throughout the Festival weekend.
Event 21st Sep · 12:00

Giles Bailey & CIRCA Projects Take the Credits!

Take the Credits! works from the idea that the final moments of a film — where, conventionally, a point of resolution has been reached, music plays and the credits roll — could become a climactic centre piece to a period of experimentation and collaborative making. 

We will run short, drop-in workshops producing texts/scripts, images, objects/props and video that will gradually fill the venue with an installation. 

Event 21st Sep · 12:00 (60 mins)

Exhibition Opening: Ebb & Flow by Beacon Hill

Event 22nd Sep · 21:30 (60 mins)

Success Stories!

The first live set from Success Stories! 

Joe Howe is a sound artist and composer based in Glasgow. Joe collaborates with artists and musicians in a variety of contexts. For this exhibition Joe has contributed to the sound design and recording of the video component. For this live occasion, Hardeep and Joe are operating under the band name Success Stories!

Event 23rd Sep · 16:00 (60 mins)

Áine O'Dwyer and Graham Lambkin

Áine O’Dwyer & Graham Lambkin will show a new video work made during a residency on the island of Syros along with a live performance in Berwick’s Church of the Holy Trinity.

Event 23rd Sep · 21:30 (120 mins)

Giles Bailey & CIRCA Projects Take the Credits!

Drop in workshops 11am — 5pm Thursday to Saturday

Live performance 9:30pm Saturday

Event 23rd Sep · 00:30 (180 mins)


Event 24th Sep · 13:00 (60 mins)

Sholto Dobie

Sholto Dobie will present a new performance using a giant inflatable instrument, hurdy gurdy and vocal improvisation. 

Event 24th Sep · 16:00 (60 mins)

City Vegetables

Live performance by City Vegetables - a new solo project by Edinburgh-based cartoonist Malcy Duff, using unrecyclable packaging, recordings and voice.

The red and blue boxes are singing in the street outside of your house. Sweeping concrete dust skateboarding woods, a rake through the soil of plastic flowers. Some of the above, seagulls always above…talking about the weather on their mobile phones.